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Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is injury to the brain that can disrupt how it functions normally; it can be caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head and in some cases penetrate the brain.  A concussion is temporary unconsciousness caused by a blow to the head.  Typically, brain injuries range from mild to severe.  Often times, following a TBI and/or concussion, an individual may experience changes in cognitive and emotional functioning.   

Following a brain injury, a neuropsychological evaluation will assess relevant impairments and cognitive treatment focuses on treating memory, attention, executive functioning and other deficits.    Mental health therapy, otherwise known as psychotherapy, aims to address and improve changes in emotional functioning.    Changes in personality are often associated with having a brain injury.  An individual that has suffered either a TBI and/or concussion may experience emotional and/or behavioral changes.  Common behavioral challenges include frustration, impulsivity, decreased social skills, changes in interpersonal relationships, sleep disturbances, and decreased engagement in pleasurable activities of his or her interest.   Emotional difficulties typically manifest as increased frustration, irritability, depression, anxiety, a traumatic response to the injury/accident, and general mood swings. 

At CCC, we provide individualized services to improve each patient’s overall brain health following a traumatic brain injury and/or concussion.   As it relates to psychotherapy, we provide bilingual (English/Spanish) individual and group psychotherapy to address post-accident emotional stressors.   Our providers are trained in various evidence-based treatment(s) to treat comorbid somatic and psychiatric disorders.   The goal of mental health therapy is to provide each patient with an opportunity to process and treat their respective post-injury stressors in order to improve their overall quality of life.





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